Over the next four years, I will continue my work to preserve our quality of life while
  • maintaining a balanced budget, 
  • supporting our schools, and 
  • reducing the traffic and blight on El Camino Real.
The City Council has accomplished so much in the last four years. 
While I was Mayor in 2012, council passed the six year, community sponsored, El Camino Real/Downtown Specific Plan. We now have sustainable projects proposed with a great mix of housing, retail and office space, within a half mile of the train station, that will bring increased vibrancy and revenue.
May 2012, Menlo Park Mayor Kirsten Keith at Facebook's East Campus 
speaking to Ricky Chan about Facebook's proposed West Campus and 
the many public benefits that came along with the development agreement.

We are embarking on an exciting General Plan update to revitalize the community East of highway 101, where we were proud to bring Facebook. This year, we opened a new police substation and community neighborhood center. We see the results of the Belle Haven Visioning Process now, with mini-grants improving the neighborhood and a reduction in crime.

As the council liaison to the Bicycle commission, I am excited about new pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure. As a member of the Stanford Subcommittee, I negotiated an agreement for Stanford to substantially pay for the bicycle/pedestrian undercrossing, and remove all medical from the project, reducing car trips dramatically.